The Mayor, City Council and broader local community have all expressed a desire to make environmental sustainability a priority in Park City. This mission will extend to hosting the 2019 FIS World Championships. The Environmental Sustainability team works on a wide variety of items (listed below) to help advance this sustainable vision.

●      Energy Conservation

●      Water Conservation

●      Renewable Energy

●      Recycling & Waste Diversion

●      Carbon Emissions Measurement for Municipal Operations and Entire Community

●      Water Consumption Tracking for Municipal Operations and Entire Community

●      Environmental Sustainability Coordination with Summit County

●      Environmental Protection Agency Coordination in Conjunction with Building Department


 PCMR   Family Skiing, Coaster, Zipline 
Family, kids   Park City Mountain Resort, Utah  2014
Photos:  DanCampbellphotography.com


The Park City resorts have a lot of experience in preparation and execution of large scale events, this experience has led to the importance Environment sustainability, our goal is to execute a flawless event with expressing a high concern for environmental sustainability.  The Environment has been an essential priority for our resorts for many years.

 Gabe Ferguson
Halfpipe finals
2015 Sprint U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix at Park City Mountain Resort, Park City, Utah.
Photo: USSA