From Silver To gold

Nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains on the western edge of the Rockies, Park City, Utah, and Solitude are approximately a mere 35-minute ride from the Salt Lake City International Airport.  Despite the proximity to a major metropolitan area, this resort community is worlds apart.

Back in the 19th century, Park City and the Wasatch Mountains were a bustling community in the midst of the silver boom. Tens of thousands of miners descended onto the mountain towns, creating a large scale mining industry and establishing the region’s heritage. While active mines closed in recent decades, stroll down Park City’s historic Main Street and you’ll quickly be reminded of the community’s rich past.

Park City today is a vibrant resort community with an appreciation for its heritage and welcoming its future legacy as a home of Olympic sport. Park City became a winter resort town nearly 50 years ago, but it was the 2002 Olympic Winter Games that put its resorts on the map. With the inclusion of Solitude, these three world class resorts will inspire kids growing up in Park City and the Wasatch range to Olympic gold.

 Dual moguls finals
2015 VISA Freestyle International FIS World Cup at Deer Valley
Photo © Kirk Paulsen

Why We Bid

Park City, Utah, has a proud tradition of innovation and excellence in hosting international skiing and snowboarding events. The community has shown a tremendous commitment to celebrating elite skiing and snowboarding competition along with delivering some of the best competition venues in the world.

Over the past 20 years, the Park City community has worked with FIS to innovate and modernize winter sports, from the America’s Opening being one of the first FIS Alpine World Cup stops to offer prize money, to the introduction of the 18-foot halfpipe to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games to becoming the only site to host the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships twice and the first site to host slopestyle skiing at the 2011 World Ski Championships.

Now, with our new partners at Solitude Mountain Resort, it is time for the Park City and Solitude to come together as a community to open the next chapter in this proud tradition as we host the 2019 FIS Freestyle, Snowboarding and Freeski World Championships.

The 2019 FIS Freestyle, Snowboarding and Freeski World Championships will be an opportunity to put Park City and Solitude back in the international winter sports spotlight and will once again reaffirm that the ski resorts of the Wasatch front are among the best destinations for freestyle skiing, freeskiing and snowboarding in the world.

This World Championships will also provide the opportunity to continue the tradition of innovation in elite snowboarding and freestyle competition. We recognize that the traditions of these sports are based on individuality and creativity with different groups claiming to represent the true culture of each sport. The Championships will bring together the traditionally disparate organizations and celebrate a true gathering of the best athletes on the best venues in the world.

Winter Olympic Legacy